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Business Law

With over 40 years of experience successfully representing business owners, Richard A. Greenberg, PLLC, has the ability to handle a variety of legal issues that arise when operating a business. Rick has owned and operated businesses, giving him unique insight that allows him to understand the perspective of his clients and effectively address their business and financial goals.

Richard A. Greenberg works with both small and large companies, helping them avoid or resolve legal issues. With the trusted advice and exceptional representation of business and corporate law attorney Richard A. Greenberg, you can feel confident that your business is secure. Rick assists clients in legal matters related to business, from the start-up of a business to its sale or dissolution, including:

Business Set-up:

Setting up a business is complex, requiring a competent attorney dedicated to the success of your newly formed business. Richard A. Greenberg has successfully helped numerous clients with business formation. He can advise you of the best option for your company structure (corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, etc.), help you build your professional team,  prepare the agreements needed to help  protect your business from future litigation, and establish what happens upon the occurrence of certain triggering events through the use of shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and partnership agreements.

Employment Processes and Issues:

Richard A. Greenberg can help clients avoid possible litigation by reviewing company operations and employment processes, including hiring, managing, and firing practices. Rick can help a business sift through the minefields of employment matters. He can assess your company’s risk in various areas and offer recommendations to help protect your business from undesirable situations.

Contracts & Leases:

More often than not, handshakes and oral agreements are not enough in business negotiations. Richard A. Greenberg will work with you to help ensure that your contracts and leases will protect and benefit your business. Some of the matters he handles  involve franchising, manufacturing, product sale and vendor agreements, non-compete provisions, nondisclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, and leases for real estate and equipment.

Buying & Selling a Business:

Complicated legal matters are part and parcel of acquiring or selling a business. Richard A. Greenberg, Attorney at Law works with clients to positively position a business, in part, through the use of stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations. With his exceptional service and professional guidance, you can be comfortable that the sale or purchase of your business achieves your financial and transactional goals.

Richard A. Greenberg takes great pride in his ability to help a business succeed. Using his unique perspective and years of experience, he can help you and your business properly navigate the sea of legal issues. When necessary, he skillfully represents clients in litigation, working to help ensure that their business and financial needs are met. If you need guidance from an experienced corporate and business law attorney, contact Richard A. Greenberg, Attorney at Law or request an appointment today.

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