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Environmental Law

Major environmental statutes such as the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, and laws applicable to Superfund sites, wetland areas, and contaminated and polluted property can significantly impact you or your company. Richard A. Greenberg has practiced environmental law since the area of law was in its infancy. During his years of practice, environmental law has broadened to include a large number of elaborate and complicated laws and regulations. These laws govern the responsibilities of a business to protect human health and the environment from pollution, contamination, and toxic substances that are released or have the potential to be released in the air, water or soil. Businesses who fail to comply with environmental regulations face liability which may result in financial losses, diminished property values, loss of transactions, and potentially closing of the business. Business owners may find their career and their personal freedom endangered. Even if your business is completely compliant with environmental law, it may still be exposed to liability due to environmental concerns.

Richard A. Greenberg can help you protect your business from liability, litigation, and governmental intrusion. Rick will use his over 40 years of experience in environmental law to work toward a successful resolution of your environmental issue. He provides exceptional service in a variety of areas, including:

Environmental Permitting:

Businesses may be required to obtain permits from the applicable governmental agencies for the use, storage, transportation, or release of hazardous wastes, hazardous substances, hazardous materials, certain pollutants and contaminants, wastewater discharges, and air emissions. Those that do not have the proper permitting risk substantial liability. Richard A. Greenberg will work with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Commonwealth of Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, and other State or Local regulating authorities on your behalf to obtain the proper permits and help to keep your business in compliance with environmental law.

Company Review:

Due to the complexity of environmental law, many business owners are unfortunately unaware of their legal responsibilities. Richard A. Greenberg will help you understand your obligations under the law. Using his extensive knowledge, he can assist you with a thorough review of your company operations and processes to help ensure that your business is not in violation of environmental law. Acting now, before your company has an incident or performs an activity for which it is not authorized, can save your business significant expenditures and help prevent the imposition of penalties or sanctions.

Buying & Selling Property:

When buying property, you may also unknowingly be purchasing liability due to environmental concerns. Property for which you paid a significant sum may have a negative value due to the presence of contamination. Before closing the purchase transaction, you need to understand if you are protected from being handcuffed by the environmental situation. Innocent landowners and Bona Fide Prospective Purchasers have some protection under the law, but they must perform their due diligence through the use of All Appropriate Inquiry which, in part, mandates an environmental assessment to qualify. Richard A. Greenberg, Attorney at Law handles the environmental issues inherent in buying and selling property. Using his extensive knowledge, he will provide guidance regarding your legal options and assist in the negotiation of contractual provisions shifting the risk of liability to the other party to the transaction.

Richard A. Greenberg can assist you in achieving a solution. He will work with you to minimize the potential liability. If you need professional guidance to help ensure that your business is protected in the environmental arena, contact Richard A. Greenberg, PLLC.

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