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ESTATE PLANNING-What is the best solution?

Without an effective estate plan, you and your family may have no control over the division or use of assets, the care of your children, or direction of your healthcare in the event of your disability or death. Creating an estate plan now can protect you and your family in the future. Richard A. Greenberg will work with you to create a customized estate plan that addresses your needs and goals. For support from an accomplished estate planning attorney, contact Richard A. Greenberg today.

What will happen to your assets and your family after your death? Who will take care of your children if you are not around? What happens if you are not able to make your own decisions about your health or finances? How do you transition your assets to take advantage of the estate tax laws?

Preparation of an estate plan is essential to implementing your strategies to help protect you and your family. Failure to have an effective estate plan in place may subject your assets, healthcare, and care of your children to the direction of a court of law.

Richard A. Greenberg, PLLC, can help you create an effective estate plan that addresses your needs and the protection of your loved ones. Rick understands that everyone’s needs vary. Depending on your marital status, the number of children you have, and your financial circumstances, your estate plan will be tailored to your situation. Richard A. Greenberg will work with you to determine your personal and financial goals, clearly presenting you with your options and advising you of  approaches that will  benefit you. He will create a customized and comprehensive estate plan to address your personal and financial desires.

Richard A. Greenberg provides knowledgeable and understanding estate planning services, including, in part, the preparation of wills, trusts, health care and financial powers of attorney, and living wills. His extensive knowledge and skilled guidance will help you make the right decisions for you and your family. If you need the assistance of a skilled estate planning attorney, please contact Richard A. Greenberg today. Don’t wait to provide your family with the protection they deserve.

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